How to be sustainable at the beach

You may live by the sea with the beach as your favourite hangout spot, or only be taking a vacation to the seaside once every few years. Either way, it is essential that once you are there, you take care of the environment you are in and avoid polluting the ocean with plastic and other waste. However, there is much more to this than just not throwing plastic bottles into the ways and today, we’re going to take a deep dive into how you can be more sustainable at the beach and protect the environment while relaxing and having fun.

1.   Leave nothing behind

The first rule of sustainable beach trips is to leave no waste behind. If you bring any food in disposable packaging, put it bag in your beach bag once you leave. Or even better, don’t bring any disposables with you at all and use reusable packaging instead. Beach litter is getting worse and worse, even though picking up after yourself is something incredibly easy to do!

2.   Pick up litter and cigarette butts

Just because you are acting with the environment in mind does not mean that others will too. If you see any beach litter, pick it up! Cigarette butts are particularly harmful because they not only pollute the ocean with plastic but also contain substances toxic to fish who may mistake them for food. If you see a smoker throwing a cigarette butt into the sand, politely ask if they could take it with them and bin it at home (if you tell them why, they will surely understand!)

3.   Choose reef-safe sunscreen

Most commercial sunscreen contains either oxybenzone or octinoxate, both of which lead to the bleaching of coral reefs. They can damage and kill corals even at low levels, as more and more accumulate in the ocean. Just because you don’t see coral reefs around you does not mean that they are not there, or that the substances from your sunscreen won’t get to them. Switch to a mineral sunscreen which is reef-safe instead!

4.   Wear sustainable swimwear

What we wear to the beach can have a big impact on the environment. Most swimwear from fast fashion brands is made from synthetic fabrics which are essentially plastic which comes from petrochemicals. The production of those takes a massive toll on the planet. Instead, choose swimsuits with a sustainable production process. Our range of sustainable swimwear is made from Econyl – a nylon yarn produced from recycled pre-industrial waste, saving that which would otherwise be tossed! That way, we can decrease the impact of our swimwear on the planet dramatically – with less waste, less pollution and even less packaging when we send the pieces to you.

5.   Level out sandcastles

Here’s one thing you probably never thought could be hurting the environment – sandcastles. While there is nothing wrong with building them, always make sure to level them out before you leave! This is because turtles hatching at the beach can get stuck in them and never make it to the sea. Respect other life forms and remember that the beach is their home.