Who has never set foot on a beach? We all have been there at one point in our lives. Also, we all have seen things at the beach that shouldn’t be there, maybe a can or a plastic bag. Why have some people decided to just let them there? We don’t know, but we care about the beaches. They are more important than just a tourist place where to spend the summer evenings.


The importance of the beaches:

  • They are an entire, sensitive, and complex ecosystem where many types of animals and plants live. From turtles and seagulls to crabs and plants.
  • They are a natural environment, and nowadays, they are being critically threatened by human activity.
  • They are a significant part of the economy. It is a fact that a lot of people prefers going to the beach during their holidays to any other destination.



Benefits of going to the beach to humans:

  • Nutrients and vitamins: the sand, seawater, and sun provide us with a lot of natural benefits to our health.
  • The sand is a very good exfoliant. And it is not bad for your system, since it is a natural resource. Just imagine the people from ancient times using the sand to have softer skin.
  • The pleasure is real. Maybe you think that you are only enjoying your stay on the beach because you are on holiday. And you have anything to worry about more than putting the sun cream, and trying to have the most perfect suntanned as you can, this is not true at all. We mean, you are enjoying all that, but also it is because of the effect that all the “sand, seawater and sun combination” does. It seems that the beach has relaxing effects due to its climate conditions.



Curiosities about the beaches:

  • The smallest beach in the world has about 50 metres, and it is here, in Spain. We are talking about Gulpiyuri, which is in Asturias.
  • The largest beach in the world has about 250 kilometres of sand. It is named Praia do Cassina, and it is situated in Brazil.
  • This planet has 595 814 kilometres of beach in total, which means that the 20% of the landmass is a good place to take the sun and relax.
  • There are a lot of types of beaches. They change depending on the colour of the sand or even if there is sand, rocks, or seashells.
  • You have to be careful about the sand castle’s moats. In the United States, more people than you think has died because of falling into them. It seems that the moats were very deep.



We wish that this article has made you a little more conscious about the beaches and why it is important to care about them. If this is your case, but you don’t know how to take care of the beach, don’t worry, you can read our article "5 tips to be eco-friendly at the beach". We wish that it could help you with your determination.