2020 Renewed Collection


Hey Samudra Swimwear fam!

It is October already, wow! it has been a crazy first year running Samudra. Beginnings are exciting, but they are also difficult, and ours was especially hard with a global pandemic going on. We are determined to keep going and not let anything bring us down. And therefore, we keep working hard to make this beautiful project a reality with you.

The next chapter of this adventure is going to be our two next collections. We are so pumped with the new products that we are getting ready for all of you! During the journey, we are not only learning what you guys like but also our style and what works for us. Running a business is an ongoing process in which we are learning all the time.

For creating a new collection, we first draw the designs, then we make the print patterns and choose the matching colors from our recycled fabric references and then we send everything to our manufacturer. We discuss with them and make the technical documents that will describe how the pieces are going to be made for a perfect fit in all sizes. Once this is done, we start the sampling process with different types of fabric to find the perfect one for the design. When we are satisfied and think everything is perfect, production starts. It is a long and hardworking process but we love every step!

We cannot announce the dates yet because we are just getting started with the sampling and this takes some time (especially since I want everything to be perfect), but we will let you know as soon as production starts! One thing I can say, is that things are about to get very interesting! Stay tuned for more!


Lots of love,

Samudra Swimwear