The glaciers are enormous pieces of ice produced by a lot of water at a very low temperature. Everybody knows that. But do you know the most important things about them? I bet you don’t. That is the reason for this article, we will tell you everything we know.

The importance of the glaciers:

  • They represent more than 75% of the freshwater of the planet.
  • They take part in the hydrological cycle.
  • During the warm seasons, they release water. This is essential for plants and animals.
  • They are a great reserve of water from the planet.
  • They can show and teach us about things from life many years ago.

Curiosities about the glaciers:

  • The glaciers represent 10% of the landmass on the planet.
  • 99% of the glaciers are at both ends of the planet.
  • Nowadays, there are glaciers on all continents but Australia.
  • You can find a glacier by going to the highest and coldest mountain in your country.
  • Glaciers are classified by their form, their climatic rules or their thermal conditions.
  • They can have tunnels, cracks, and caves on their inside.
  • Glaciers have on them inside many frozen things from past years: human tools, animals, plants, and even viruses and bacteria.

We wish that this article has made you a little more conscious about the glaciers and why it is important to care about them. If this is your case, you know that you can start being sustainable for a better life in harmony with the planet. In case you don’t know to do that, we propose you read our Samudra’s article “8 tips to be sustainable in your daily life”.