Our second collection, ‘Sunset Collection’ is coming out very soon. We had decided to take the photos for these pieces at the Canary Islands. We are sure that many of you know where the Teide volcano is, but for those who don’t know, it is at Tenerife, Canary Islands. So we have decided to write a very special article about the volcanos, you will be surprised about them!

The importance and benefits of the volcanos:

  • They provide us with raw materials to make some of our tools and buildings.
  • The ashes that the volcanos left behind are rich on the nutrients that help the earth being more fertile. So we can cultivate it.
  • The eruption of the submarine volcanos creates new islands. Without them, some islands such as Canary Islands or Hawaii will not exist.
  • They provide us with geothermal energy.
  • Thanks to their geothermal energy, we can find thermal lagoons near the volcanos.

    Curiosities about the volcanos:

    • It is believed that there are 1500 active volcanos all around the world.
    • There are five different types of volcanos, which are: flood, shield volcanos, cinder cone, composite volcano, volcanic dome, and caldera.
    • There are a lot of ocean creatures that live around the underwater volcanos, including some types of sharks.
    • The only stone that can actually float on water is the pumice stone, which is a volcanic stone.
    • They are very important for the jewellery industry because we can find precious stones on them. Some examples of these gemstones are diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.
    • Some land animals, such us lizards or spiders, are evolving and adapting themselves to live on the lava (when it is getting petrify but still hot).

    Now you know all these new things about the volcanos. We bet that you didn’t know all these stuff before reading it! Of course, you must be careful around them, but the volcanos had brought to the society a lot of good things per ages. We wish that you are no more afraid of them, at least if they are not erupting!