Whether you swim for exercise or leisurely, it’s essential to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful no matter your shape, size or body-type. Everyone wants a lightweight, stretchy and comfortable swimsuit that makes you feel a sense of freedom. So, investing in the right swimwear is important. 


Why Choose a Sustainable Brand?


Sustainably sourced swimwear is the way forward! Eco-friendly products are the best way to contribute to sustainability as it guarantees quality and durability. Materials such as ECONYL® regenerated nylon are great materials that include both stretchy and elastic properties, perfect for swimming in. 


Why Choose Samudra Swimwear? 


‘Samudra Swimwear is a Spanish sustainable brand offering affordable eco-friendly swimwear with sustainability at the heart of every design.’


Our products are made from a mixture of ECONYL® regenerated nylon and recycled polyester sourced from finishing nets rescued from the ocean. Our manufacturing is located in Spain where we support small local suppliers to help the community grow. 


When orders are made, we make sure every single garment is protected from humidity with a certified compostable bag made from resin. The garments are then shipped in bigger bags made of recycled carton. Once your order arrives, all you need to do is put the compostable bag in a compost container and the recycled carton bags in the recycling bin. Easy right? Sustainability is important to us in every step of the journey.  

Samudra Swimwear puts sustainability first. Unlike other brands, sustainability is incorporated in every single step from sourcing the materials to the packaging.


We know sustainability within fashion still has a long way to go but together we can change the narrative, so why not start at swimwear!