We are dying for summer, and we are sure that you are too. Even if it is not a regular summer, the sun, the ice cream, and the air of the ocean are some of the things that we all miss during the rest of the year. So, to start preparing yourself for this season, we will propose to you a very special look.

1. Samudra Bikini

The principal piece for the look is your Samudra Bikini. Take a look at our Sunset Collection, choose your favourite and wear it. It is as simple as that.

2. Mini-skirt or a body wrap

One of the trends for this spring/summer is the mini-skirt. That is why we think that is one of the perfect pieces to make your look awesome. Also, you can wear a body wrap, which is lighter.

3. Sandals

Of course, you can not go barefoot. You should find the perfect sandal match for your Samudra and your mini skirt. We recommend you to find some conscious brand for making your look even more perfect.

4. Pamela hat and sunglasses

The sun will always be there, each year hotter than the previous one. That’s why you should go out in sunglasses and, if you like, a pamela hat. The wide-brimmed sun hat is a very good option if you are planning to go to the beach.

5. Handmade handbag

If you can carry on everything you need when you go out in your hands and pockets, that is wonderful. But in case you can not, you should definitely wear a handmade handbag. If you have one, perfect for you, you don’t need to search for some. But if you are looking for one, please make sure it is a planet-friendly brand.

But this handbag, with all your favourite stuff, also needs to have on it all the things that you need to survive the summer.

6. Reusable bottle of water

Even if it is easier to buy some water, it is better to take your bottle with you for many reasons. What if you do not find any place to buy water? What if it is more expensive than you thought? Also, taking your bottle with water from home is more responsible for the planet.

7. Sun cream

Even if you put on your sun cream before you leave your home (which is highly important for your skin), you should take it when you are going out for some hours.

8. Mask

Unfortunately, we are still living in times of Covid-19, that is why you should take your mask everywhere you go. A tip for not forgetting it is to put a mask on every handbag you use.

With this, we wish that you get the perfect look for going to your favourite beach this summer. Do not forget to show us how wonderful are you wearing your Samudra bikini! Show the world the attitude for looking gorgeous despite the hot temperatures.