Everyone has heard about sustainability and eco-friendly products but, do you really know what that means?

Sustainable fashion is defined as "clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly." This also includes an ethical part often called 'ethical fashion' that refers to clothing made in ways that value social welfare and worker rights of the people making those garments.

What all these words have in common is that they transmit a purpose of protecting the planet, responsible consumerism and social commitment. The purpose of sustainable fashion is to make the industry have less social and environmental impact.





  • Respecting its workers' rights, so that they are not exploited, earn a fair salary, and work in fair and healthy conditions.

  • Reducing the fashion impact on the planet by reusing and regenerating materials to make new products. It also tries to minimize the quantity of water and renewable energy during the manufacturing process, avoiding certain polluting chemicals and reducing the waste produced as much as possible.

  • Contributing to a more conscious consumerism, that would lead to purchasing better quality products that will last longer, instead of buying many low quality ones for cheaper prices that will be worn out quickly.





Now that we know what sustainable fashion is, then,  what is sustainable swimwear and why does it exist?

Sustainable swimwear has all of the qualities and values that sustainable fashion follows. Swimwear is mostly made of nylon or polyester which are basically types of plastic. These fabrics usually shed micro plastics into the ocean or water when washed or used. Also, they are very complicated to recycle since they are made with a mix of materials to make it elastic. 

But now you may wonder, is there any other option for nylon or polyester

Well, there is not much alternative at the moment, even though we sincerely hope there will be. The most sustainable way to make swimwear is by regenerating nylon and polyester from other products like fishing nets or carpets. And that is what we do. We use fabrics that are made by regenerated ECONYL® nylon or polyester in out swimwear, so that we can make other products circular in a way.

We are continuously looking for options to make our swimwear more sustainable and high quality with every collection so that you can enjoy your pieces for longer without buying many bikinis every summer.




So, is sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is the same as the vegan fashion?
You might be confused about this, but we are sorry to say that they are not the same. Here we show you the differences between the two of these concepts.

Sustainable fashion:

  • It does not exploit natural resources or people.
  • It can use animal materials for the clothes.
Vegan fashion:
  • Some vegan synthetic materials produce a lot of waste during their production.
  • It does not include the abuse or death of animals in the process or products.


In conclusion, if what you want is to help the planet and the animals, you should buy sustainable clothes that are also vegan. But, you should definitely begin buying sustainable products if you want to start making more conscious decisions while shopping.

And if this article has not been convincing enough for you to start buying sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, you must read our article “Why it is important to wear sustainable swimwear”.