We have just launched our new collection and, to remind you of one of the ways you can be sustainable in your daily life, we had decided to give you some advice on what to do with your old or useless clothes.

Generally, when we have something that is not going to be used any more, we throw out it, we accumulate it in the storage room, or we donate it. But we know that there are other ways, and we are going to show you some alternatives.

Upcycling: to make new clothes

With the clothes that you are not going to use more, you can make another piece of clothing that you know that you will use. For example, if you have two or three pairs of pants that are not big enough for you, or they are a little bit small, you can make another pair of pants with those three, or even a skirt!

Upcycling: to make some accessories

This is almost the same as the previous one, with the only difference that instead of making new pieces of clothing, you can make new accessories such as wallets, bags, or pencil cases. With a vest top, you can easily make a tote bag by sewing together the lower part of the t-shirt.

To use them for other purposes

Of course, we know that not all of you know how to sew or repair the clothes. That is why we show you other alternatives to those that we had said before. It is as easy as using something that you cannot continue using the same way in another one.

For example, you have that lovely t-shirt, but it is so much transparent, that it is no more acceptable to use on the streets, but you don’t want to get rid of it. The best solution is to use it as your new favourite pyjama. You can also wear it at home as your home clothes, to be more comfortable. This example applies to anything comfortable, such as sports pants or a loose-fitting dress.

And when those garments are no more useful as clothes, you can always use them as rags and clean with them the house or whatever you want. It may seem a little bit strange, but it is a very good way to save money and help the planet. But if you want another idea, you could use it as the new toy for your pet. We are sure that they will love it!

With this, we finish the article. We wish that we have helped you and given you some incredible ideas. Maybe you could show us what are you doing with your old clothes! We would absolutely love it! And for those who want more ideas to be sustainable, you can read our article ‘8 tips to be sustainable in your daily life’.