Who has never imagined itself living on a wood cabin in the woods? They are magical places, and the writers know that. These places are very well-known, but not a lot of people had visited the forests. In any case, we have to be careful and take care of them. In this article, we explained to you a few things about this wonderful spot.

The importance and benefits of the forests:

  • They help with the weather adjustment, and they cushion the natural phenomenons.
  • Where there is flora, there will be water. This is because of the impact the plants have on the planet. They also collect the water as a reserve.
  • They maintain the humidity and coolness of the environment.
  • Also, they produce oxygen and absorb CO2, which is the cause of global warming.
  • They control the ground erosion because the roots are keeping it together.
  • They provide us with a lot of raw materials such as wood, paper, or resin.
  • There is an enormous amount of biodiversity on them. They help them to grow up and to complete their life circle.
  • Almost half of the known species live in the forests.

    Curiosities about the forests:

    • The forests provide us with a lot of information for creating effective medicine.
    • More than 2000 million persons depend on the woods for living and survive.
    • The largest biodiversity is in the forests, with more than 15 millions species.
    • They are capable of softening acoustic pollution in a very big way.
    • Because of deforestation, they send out more CO2 than they absorb.
    • Just 2% of the light arrives at the ground. This is because of the dense top of the trees.
    • The actual forests’ surface on the planet is about 31%.
    • There have been lost around 80% of the original woods that covered the Earth.
    • There are so many forest types.
    • The forests and the rain forests (or jungles) are not exactly the same. The main difference is the amount of flora and fauna.
    • The rain forests, as their name says, are forests. But not all the woods are jungles.
      Now that you know all these things, you know why it is important to care about the woods too. We need to take care of everything on this planet, because other way we will have no planet to care about. And that is not a good thing. If you want to become more sustainable, you can read our Samudra’s article “8 tips to be sustainable in your daily life”. We are sure that you will find it very interesting!