We know that only with our web and what we say about us, not all of you will be convinced. We understand that perfectly. That is why we bring to you a list of blogs, webs, and magazines that have talk (or rather, write) about Samudra Swimwear. So you can verify the information by yourself.


Sustain Your Style is an initiative born in 2017 with the clear objective of informing fashion shoppers about the problems that this industry is causing on the planet and the alternatives to the fast fashion.

Our founder gave an interview to this sustainable blog “Sustain your Style”.


Econyl is from who we buy the material to make our bikinis. They believe in circular fashion, so do we, that is why we trust them to provide us with the regenerated nylon that will turn into a colourful and funny swimsuit.


Sustainable Chic is also a sustainable fashion blog. Since 2014 they are writing about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and a lot of things. Of course, all those topics are in a green, conscious and sustainable way. They look out for the planet for real. 


Ecothes is a blog with the mission to help shoppers like you buying better. They are a very conscious team that watch over the planet and, they are trying to make it a better place by helping people to choose the best products.