In case you needed a sign to get your first (or second!) sustainable swimwear from us, here are a few reasons why buying sustainable is awesome!


1. Shows you are supportive towards the cause.

Sometimes voicing your support for green causes can get a bit tacky, but doing things that are more intimate carries more significance. Following your values and doing what is right makes you feel good. It shows you are supportive towards the things you believe in, and it aligns with the person you want to be and the world you want to live in.

2. As a customer, your decision sends a message to manufacturers.

Brands pay close attention to the demand of their clients. When they notice a change in the purchase behavior, they look for ways to fulfill that need, and therefore, clothing manufacturers have to adapt to the brands new requirements. This increases the use and demand for regenerated fabric, more sustainable options for packaging and accessories, new working and environmental policies, etc. 

3. Sustainable swimwear lasts longer.

The price of sustainable swimwear is higher for many reasons and one of them is a much higher quality. This not only means that the product looks, feels and fits better, but also that it will last way longer than any fast fashion garment.

4. Has a social impact.

Buying sustainable does not only mean the product alone would be ethical but also the process that surrounds that product. This, of course, includes the conditions of the workers involved and their wages. Eco-friendly products (not the greenwashed ones) are made by people working in more fair conditions and this alone already has a social impact that makes it worth it.

5. Reduces the amount of waste produced.

Since the sustainable product comes from regenerated materials, those are reused and we prevent them from ending up in landfills or the ocean. Higher quality makes the garment to be more durable, and therefore, the cycle would be a longer lasting one before it recycles again.


If you care about the environment, sustainable swimwear is a great solution to spend some fun time at the beach and enjoying nature. Investing a bit more can be worth it as your new eco-friendly swimsuit will endure many beach trips and other outdoor fun moments.

Buy sustainable swimwear