In order to make your Samudra Swimwear pieces last for years, you need to take proper care of them. When you wash anything made from synthetics (even if it's recycled!), it sheds microfibers that can pollute the water and end up in the ocean. Follow the next environmental-conscious tips to take care of your swimmies!

Keep it clean

After using your bikini (even if you did not get in the water), rinse it in cold water to shed fewer microfibers. Use an all-natural biodegradable soap to clean it when necessary.

When washing your bikini in the washing machine, put it into a Guppyfriend bag designed to keep any loose microfibers from entering the water.

Natural drying

Hang dry your bikinis away from direct sunlight and lay them flat in a cool, dry place. Thus, you will be saving energy and emissions from using the dryer and you will be more gentle with your pieces.

Take turns

We know you might be impatient to wear your favorite bikini again, but if you want it to last longer it is best to wait until it is completely
dry before wearing it again.

If you are going to spend some days dressed in a bikini (good for you!), it would be best to bring a couple of suits to wear.

Recycling your swimwear

At the end of the life of your bikini, you should dispose your
swimwear properly. We are still looking to find a better solution to dispose swimwear at, because there is not a perfect option yet. For now, please dispose your swimwear at a textile container near you.

If your suits are not too worn out, you could donate them or give them to someone you know. Or if you are feeling creative, you could redesign it into a new bikini or a new garment piece!