Our Sustainable Packaging

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Cardboard box

We ship our products in boxes made of recycled cardboard.

For each purchase of boxes we make, our supplier plants a tree to help reforestation and thus decrease our impact in nature.

Where to dispose?

Paper container.

Compostable mailer

We protect the garments from humidity with a compostable bag made from natural resins.

These bags are 'OK Compost' certified which means they will decompose and enrich the soil.

Where to dispose?

Organic or compost container.

Leaflets & labels

You will find  a carda leaflet and labels too.

Some are made of recycled paper but other one is not as sustainable as we want it to be yet. We will work to improve this.

Where to dispose?

Paper container.

Hygienic liner

We have not found yet a more sustainable option for this one.

However, we keep it since it is something important to protect you from infections. We plan to find a better option as we grow.

Where to dispose?

Plastic container.